VR, AR, XR for Therapy


Virtual & Augmented Reality present infinite possibilities specially for people with needs for cognitive behavioral therapy & neurodiversity.

Practice sessions can be delivered through VR for people to avail in their natural environment. Healthcare businesses can build XR platforms for people with Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, Anxiety, and other individuals who can benefit from experiencing social, behavioral, communication, and life skills scenarios in a safe environment.

AR can improve surgeries, enhance visualizations of human organs, reveal microscopic details (invisible to the eye) and simplify invasive treatments. 

Codewave’s intervention includes:

  • Understanding the need for XR
  • Designing & architecting immersive experiences
  • Designing & Developing a rapid prototype to test the solution, with potential users & user groups 
  • Designing & Developing the solution, for full scale deployment and active usage
  • Reviewing outcomes regularly, implementing design & technology feedback for continuous improvement of the solution  
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