Mental health
diagnosis & relief

Mental health

TotalBrain aims to be an online platform for self care & self improvement of mental health, enabling people to take self assessments, diagnosing their mental health & emotional wellbeing and understanding what help they need.

TotalBrain asks people to take an assessment, and creates a detailed fitness profile – using a sophisticated algorithm, calculates scores against emotions, feelings, cognition & self-control.

Codewave enabled the end to end CX design, for TotalBrain – and along with the patient app, also designed the Clinician’s app which enabled clinicians to plan interventions.

Codewave has transformed 400+ businesses, impacting lives of millions of people, including helping Governments innovate in the face of crisis.

Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change - "Stephen Hawking"

We think highly impactful technology is one that’s continuously sensing needs, fulfilling needs & is self improving.

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