Creating the next generation of digital organisms,
to responsibly augment human life.


fish School

We're passionately committed to building the next generation technology that compassionately enables human life.

We’re accelerating development of innovative, extended intelligence technologies  to solve humanity’s pressing problems that are limiting people from experiencing life deeply.

Leadership Team

  • Venkatesh PrabhuBusiness Transformation Leader
  • Abhijith HKDigital Innovation Leader
  • Vidhya AbhijithDesign Thinking Leader

Venkatesh is a Business Transformation leader, advancing a vision to serve humanity with “Compassionate technology”, accelerating technological advancements and ethical progress. He is a sustainability evangelist, delivering to increasing needs for intelligent fabric & connected garments. He consults for businesses and plans strategic Design / Technology / Research interventions, to drive business impact.
Venkatesh Prabhu
Strategy Consulting, Organizational Governance, Market Research, Research & Development, Business Development, Digital Innovation, Intelligent Textiles.
Abhijith is a Digital Innovation leader, advancing a vision to scale up “Self management”, architecting an Org that thrives with truth, transparency, empathy & connection. He is a gamer turned entrepreneur, a persistent optimist, nurturing a culture of humility & lifelong learning, leading an Org that takes pride in being democratically run by its people. He diagnoses business problems & invents new formulae that can be engineered as technology that transforms lives.
Abhijith HK
Entrepreneurship, Digital Innovation, AI/ML, Cloud/Edge Intelligence, Extended Reality, Metaverse, Gaming, Project Management.
Vidhya is a Design Thinking leader, advancing a vision to make “Everyone a creator”, empowering people with the tools & team to solve problems for the society & the economy. She is a fiesty entrepreneur, challenging the status quo, promoting a culture of radical transparency & self management, leading an Org that thrives like a buzzing social network. She nudges businesses to approach themselves as an ongoing social experiment & inspires teams to dare to fail to dare to innovate.
Vidhya Abhijith
Entrepreneurship, Design Thinking, Product/UX Design, Product Management, Workplace Culture, Organizational Agility, Systems Thinking, Project Management.