Baby incubators

Baby warmer

Embrace innovations built a baby warmer (a baby wrap) to replace expensive incubators that people couldn’t afford.

These baby warmers would continuously sense the baby’s body temperature & automatically warm the baby and proactively involve the doctors & nurses, when it foresees a risk. This intelligent warmer could literally save prematurely born babies from dying, as it was extremely difficult for doctors doing rounds to predict who needs immediate attention. Embrace backend continuously analyzed real time data (anonymized) for improving interventions & treatments.

Codewave enabled Embrace to make the mechanical baby warmer, NFC enabled and built an integrated suite of apps to continuously sense, process, analyze data and predict risks. The warmer could stream data to the cloud via wifi-direct, as internet connectivity was not reliable in the hospitals. We also helped build proactive nudges for doctors, nurses & stakeholders involved, so data is actionable and the system is continuously learning.


This project was done as part of a Pilot exercise in 2015 – 16 and the smart feature of the incubator is no longer available in the current device.

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