Cancer therapy

Cancer therapy

Incaveo aims to simplify at-home therapy to treat complex diseases like cancer

They needed an intelligent solution that can help patients follow intricate treatment protocols, help oncologists follow patient’s drug consumption & side effects and help pharma companies stay informed about outcomes of clinical trials & post trial drug performance. Codewave built an intelligent solution, applying Machine Learning at the Edge – closest to the source of patient information.

Codewave enabled Incaveo to build a highly accessible, Edge-intelligent  mobile app, that enabled patients to take the right drug, in the right doses at the right time. The patient would simply need to scan the blister pack to know whether the pill needs to be taken now or later, as prescribed by the oncologist. The app would proactively nudge patients to consume the prescribed medicine before/after each meal and also capture side-effects, so doctors could personalize the course of treatment & make early interventions / course-corrections.

Codewave has transformed 400+ businesses, impacting lives of millions of people, including helping Governments innovate in the face of crisis.

Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change - "Stephen Hawking"

We think highly impactful technology is one that’s continuously sensing needs, fulfilling needs & is self improving.

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