Edge Intelligence

Edge Intelligence

Emergence of Edge technologies, has moved intelligence closer to the source of biological information.

With high sensing & processing capabilities at the edge (than on cloud) – the possibilities for businesses to radically disrupt healthcare are endless. Imagine a wearable/implant that can deliver a therapy locally to an organ & adapt the therapy based on how the patient responds to it in real time.

With increasing computing power at the Edge, businesses can build innovative products/services, without having to worry about Cloud connectivity & Internet speed. Near Field Communication can be exploited to deliver immersive user experiences closest to the user’s reality, which are otherwise limited because of internet constraints.

Also, Edge devices open up opportunities in Clinical research & Trials enablingDecentralized Clinical Trials”, remotely testing solutions with a diverse set of patients, distributed in different geographies.

Codewave’s intervention includes:

  • Understanding & aligning with your Org’s Digital strategy
  • Assessing your product/service, your user’s behavioral change needs & conceptualizing a solution that is deeply integrated with user’s way of life 
  • Assessing emerging intelligence technologies aligned with Org’s vision & strategic initiatives
  • Designing & architecting intelligent solutions, with the help of cutting edge technology
  • Designing & Developing a rapid prototype to test the solution, with potential users & user groups (ready for clinical trials)
  • Designing & Developing the solution, for full scale deployment and active usage
  • Reviewing outcomes regularly, implementing design & technology feedback for continuous improvement of the solution  
VR, AR, XR for Therapy