Body to Internet

Biomarkers & Nano-Sensors

Emergence of biomarkers & nano-sensors are opening new possibilities for continuous monitoring of biological processes & enabling studying the human body’s responses to general lifestyle changes, prescribed medicine intake, surgical interventions, ongoing therapies, new disorders/diseases etc.

This also leads to new discoveries about the human body & brain, technology aiding the evolution of biology.

Given the data available at the fingertip, the modern day user is able to visualize their “Digital clone” on the cloud. The user is more empowered to make different choices & see how it is affecting their body, in real time. Modern day healthcare is becoming less about ‘prescribing’ drugs and more about enabling the patient to be more self aware & self improving (based on continuous data).

Brain to Internet, is a game changer with Brain-Computer interface (BCI) opening possibilities, like enabling people with spinal cord injuries to walk normally again. Possibilities are endless when you can upload the body’s data to the cloud, for continuous analysis, prediction & actionable signals/cues. Data ethics, security & privacy compliances are key to building reliable solutions.



Codewave’s intervention includes:

  • Understanding & aligning with your Org’s Data & AI strategy
  • Assessing user’s behavioral change needs & conceptualizing a solution that is deeply integrated with user’s way of life 
  • Assessing emerging intelligence technologies aligned with Org’s vision & strategic initiatives
  • Designing & architecting intelligent solutions, with the help of cutting edge technology
  • Designing & Developing a rapid prototype to test the solution, with potential users & user groups (ready for clinical trials)
  • Designing & Developing the solution, for full scale deployment and active usage
  • Reviewing outcomes regularly, implementing design & technology feedback for continuous improvement of the solution 
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