Intelligent. Intuitive. Innovative. 
Reimagining healthcare software.

Streamline processes and enhance patient care with advanced AI-powered tools, experiences and digital products.

Healthcare. Simplified.

Maximize healthcare efficiency with Codewave’s versatile software suite. From secure cloud-based EHRs to mobile apps, streamline operations and ensure compliance. Manage finances, HR, marketing, and supply chain effortlessly for optimal healthcare delivery.

The digital core of our healthcare software

Patient Records: All in one place

Streamlines patient information management, ensuring timely access and improved communication among healthcare teams for better-coordinated care delivery

A window to your healthcare with mobile accessibility

With mobile accessibility, clinicians can securely access patient information and manage tasks from any location, at any time, ensuring seamless care delivery and efficient workflow management.

Better decisions with precision

Enables quick and accurate access to comprehensive patient records, facilitating informed clinical decisions and personalized treatment plans for optimal patient outcomes.

Interoperability capability

Facilitate seamless data exchange between healthcare systems, promoting better care coordination, reducing duplicate tests, and enhancing patient safety across different points of care.

Workflows. Accelerated. Automated.

Enhance routine administrative tasks and clinical workflows, reducing manual errors, eliminating inefficiencies, and freeing up valuable time for quality healthcare and improvement in delivery and quality.

Insights to impact.

Get data-driven insights through advanced analytics and reporting capabilities, empowering healthcare leaders to identify trends, optimize processes, and make informed decisions to enhance clinical outcomes.

Healthcare and Beyond

Electronic Health Records (EHRs)

Step into the future of healthcare with Codewave’s EHR service. Seamlessly organize patient records, empower your health workforce to make informed decisions, and ensure smooth patient care coordination and communication. With our intelligent platform, navigating patient data becomes a breeze, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – delivering exceptional care

Compliance & Regulatory Software

Spend time with your patients, not with regulatory and compliance. With Codewave’s compliance and regulatory software, safeguard patient data, navigate complex regulations, and mitigate risks effortlessly. Our tailored solutions ensure seamless compliance, empowering you to focus on providing top-notch care without worrying about regulatory hurdles.

Financial Management Software

Lost in all the bills and paperwork? Streamline billing, optimize revenue cycles, and gain insights for smarter financial decisions. With our intuitive software, manage finances seamlessly, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – delivering exceptional healthcare. With seamless integration and robust analytics, navigate complex financial landscapes effortlessly. Stay ahead of the curve and smoothen your operation with financial clarity.

Marketing & Patient Acquisition Software

Transform patient acquisition with Codewave’s dynamic marketing solutions. From targeted campaigns to personalized outreach, our intuitive system drives growth. Gain insights, track performance, and optimize strategies for impactful marketing that enhances patient acquisition and retention. Elevate your marketing game with Codewave, forging stronger connections and fostering growth in healthcare.

Supply Chain Management

Wondering how to optimize inventory and reduce costs without sacrificing quality? With seamless integration and intuitive tools, we empower healthcare organizations to enhance efficiency, minimize waste, and ensure the timely delivery of critical supplies. From procurement to distribution, Codewave revolutionizes supply chain management, driving operational excellence and ultimately, better patient care.

Codewave: Coded for Success

Intelligence at work

Intelligence is the foundation of our success. With industry-leading technologies, strategic insights and breakthrough solutions, our team delivers expertise and excellence in every project and every step of the way.

A multiverse of skills and personas

We’re a powerhouse of medical expertise, featuring geneticists, neonatal specialists, orthopaedic surgeons, oncologists, and more. Not just that, our crew also includes top-tier scientists and researchers from renowned institutions worldwide, all uniting to reimagine healthcare innovation.

Spreading your wings

We are creating a social network of future leaders who can spread knowledge and experiences to mentor people around them to discover universal, unidirectional, and unidimensional growth.

Design Thinking into action.

We push the boundaries of multi-sensorial design, product thinking, agile practice, cloud/edge programming to create products that solve not just critical business problems but human problems.

Empathy-driven ecosystem

Codewave’s empathetic approach to design ensures solutions are not only user-friendly but also prioritize the well-being of the users, enhancing engagement and fostering trust within the business ecosystem.

Scalability meets flexibility

Codewave’s scalable and flexible solutions empower organizations to adapt to evolving needs, market dynamics, and regulatory requirements, ensuring long-term sustainability and growth in a dynamic landscape.


Discover how we’ve tackled challenges, from enhancing patient care to optimizing hospital operations. Join us on a journey through real-world success stories, where technology meets compassion for healthier outcomes

Want a tech diagnosis, prognosis or predictions for your enterprise. We’re just a click away!

Want a tech diagnosis, prognosis or predictions for your enterprise. We’re just a click away!